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In particular, fans of American sports love ice hockey betting thanks to its intensity and fast pace, which make it ideal for live betting. While it is claimed that a sport similar to hockey first appeared in Ancient Greece, ice hockey first became popular in Canada among European Colonial soldiers in order to escape boredom in the cold and wild North Americas. Thanks to the below-zero temperatures for most of the year and the easy access to frozen lakes, Canadians quickly became fond of playing ice hockey with 2-meters long sugar maple wood sticks. Nowadays, thanks to the availability of indoor ice rinks in many countries, ice hockey has fans in countries like Turkey, Israel, even South Africa. It is also one of the main sports for Winter Olympic Games. Thirty-one teams, twenty-four American and seven Canadian, constitute the NHL which is divided into two conferences Eastern and Western and then four divisions: the Atlantic, the Metropolitan, the Central and the Pacific. The eight best teams from each Conference proceed to the Stanley Cup playoffs stageleading eventually to the Stanley Cup Finals where the ultimate champion is crowned. Once again the teams are divided into Eastern and Western Conference and the winner of the playoffs is awarded the Gagarin Cup. One of the main advantages of ice hockey, and one of the main reasons that it is so popular amongst bettors, is that the rules are very easy to understand even by people who have no relation to the sport.

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MMA has been excelling in sports in recent years. This is due to the rise of Brazilian athletes in national and world competitions, where great victories and unprecedented belts draw the attention of those who have followed the sport for a long time and also those who have just known it and are identifying with the lifestyle and this kind of sport. As in any other sport, Brazilian athletes have a huge legion of fans who follow their careers, competitions and personal lives closely. In addition, sports betting in this sport, MMA, are growing more and more, because of the number of people that identify themselves with the sport and follow it always looking to learn more. Online sports betting website NetBet realized this movement of betting in the MMA category and identified that it was time to call a well-known athlete to represent the brand inside and outside the octagon. To this end, starting today, official MMA fighter Junior Cigano is the newest athlete sponsored by the company. Junior Cigano performed 27 fights during his professional career and 21 of them emerged victorious from the octagon. In addition, the fighter is known for his knockouts, where he has already completed 15 of his fights with this blow and 13 of them were in the first round, leaving no chances to opponents.

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