If Mozilla Firefox is about to go over Internet Explorer to the number of installations, Facebook is definitely the largest online social network in the world.

Those who use Mozilla Firefox as default browser, they provide a lot of add-ons to their life easier for Facebook. The array of add-ons for Facebook, to name only a three, we think are most interesting and helpful on Facebook.

Firefox Add-on Friendbar

This add-on is recommended both those who use Facebook and Twitter. Add-on is a tool bar where you can see the latest updates on Facebook statuses, you can comment to give ‘LIKE’ to interesting web pages.

Twitter users can make ‘retweets’ directly from Firefox tool bar, without having to access the twitter page.

Download Friendbar Firefox add-on

Facebook Photo Album Downloader Firefox Add-on

As its name implies Mozilla Firefox add-on is very useful for those who want to download to their computer photo albums of friends on Facebook, without having to enter each gallery and to open each photo in hand . Add-on will automatically download your selected photo album.

Download Facebook Photo Album Downloader Add-on (FacePAD) -

Facebook Video – Mozilla Firefox Add-on

This add-on allows us to download from firefox Facebook videos and convert them into other video formats. Add-on by offering the option to ‘embed’ videos of up to take on other Web sites.

Facebook Video Download add-on

If you still know and use other interesting add-ons for Mozilla Firefox up, please leave us your comments.

Mozilla Firefox Add-ons for Facebook

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