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‘A picture values more than a hundred words.’

The social media networks have decided to value this concept and expand it to maximum size. Many photo-sharing programs and networks like Pinterest, Instagram or Stumbleupon enjoy a tremendous success among users who love to take photos and share them with friends. This way, the Instagram followers can have access to different versions and possibilities to modify the pictures taken and express their opinions towards what they see.

The MO is pretty similar to the one on Facebook or any other virtual community where users are invited to share and wait for people to like or comment their posts. But the Instagram followers have multiplied recently because this app is still new and comes up with intriguing and fresh features. Like the cool filters that allow you to become a professional photographer in a matter of minutes.

But you are probably thinking, like in any other case, how could you get more Instagram followers to be interested in your profile? What makes people pay attention to something and how do you maintain their interest?

Instagram Followers – The How To Guide:


1. Spread the news. Get people worldwide to know about your Instagram activity with the help of the current social networks: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, e-mails etc. More than half of the globe’s population is active on one of these social networks so the news is bound to fly very quick.

2. Respect limits. Although it might be similar to Facebook, Instagram distances itself through quality and not quantity. If on Facebook, the more pictures you upload, the better you feel, the Instagram followers go by the principle that ‘less is more.’ The limit of pictures uploaded per day should be of 3, maximum 4. As a member you should really consider this, or else Instagram followers might get annoyed and dismiss you.

3. Beauty sells good. Instagram followers are interested mainly in beautiful things. The human eye is trained to search for the best looking things, colorful and very appealing. Unique angles and ideas combined with subtle humor might be your way in to get a fabulous profile, followed by millions of users.

4. Create contests. When you need to entertain your Instagram followers and keep them alert, choose to create a contest and award the winner the title of Best Picture of the Month!People get really joyful when it comes to being appreciated, even if the gain is not substantial. Use an attractive hashtag and allow your Instagram followers to express their visions.

5. Interact with people. Just like any other network, on Instagram you need to be active and show that you are a true fan in order to get people to reciprocate. Appreciate something that catches your eye and like it, distribute it or even comment it. Be sure not to stalk people and you will surely increase your number of Instagram followers in no time.

6. Use Instagram’s features. Hashtags are perfect to correlate your picture with famous places or activities. Appearing in the most popular searches will bring you a flood of likes and new Instagram followers. Just as easy as that!

Instagram followers


And remember that if you are still not convinced by the rapidity of these steps, you can alway buy Instagram followers from sites that offer their services. BuyFacebookfanslikes deals with Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, but plans to expand to other social networks and also include Instagram.

Instagram is the new way to celebrate beauty and to let people discover yourself through the magic of the latest technologies.

Are you ready to embrace this revolution and get thousands of Instagram followers?



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