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Facebook is a social networking system, as simple as it is stressful and sometimes incomprehensible.

A problem that many people are stressed about is the name change for Facebook profile. There are restrictions to use special characters in the name chosen and restrictions on certain words. Besides, who is not decided what name to put for the profile, it is advised to think carefully before making changes in ‘Account Settings’> ‘My Account’> ‘Name’ because the system does not allow changing the name forever.


Name Change Limit Reached

Sorry! You’ve updated your name the maximum number of times allowed and your name can’t be changed again. To list another name you go by, such as a maiden name, please use the Alternate Name field below.

After the occurrence of this message, you have no choice but to set the name of your choice above. There is however a solution to set your desired profile name system even if the name change from Facebook has limited this option.

‘Alternate Name’ is an alternative name option to appear on behalf of your profile so friends will find it very easy on the up after the alternative name. To set the alternate name will have to login to Facebook and go to ‘Account Settings’> ‘My Account’> ‘Name’> ‘Alternate Name. ‘

Set a name, check the option Also the display on my profile and in search results and save the changes. Alternate Name Change.

Facebook – Name Change Limit Reached (SOLVED)

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