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Did you already invest in thousands of views for your video? Hundreds of likes? And maybe even dozens of random comments?

If you answered YES – Congratulations, we know you have worked hard so far.

Still you don’t manage to enter the virtuous circle of adding real views to your video. Well … it probably means that you still lack something: the real look and feel given by relevant comments. Buy YouTube Comments is the product you need.

There are studies showing that people read comments in the first seconds of the video. Interesting and relevant comments helps viewers to maintain their interest for more than 1 minute while boring random comments (‘Nice video’, ‘Good one’) not only that look fake but are zero in terms of viewer retention and involvement.

How do we know what is relevant and interesting for your video? That’s the nice part – we don’t. The only person who knows that best is you. So we ask you to send us the list with your comments.

Buy YouTube Comments

Our Buy YouTube comments package works like a charm. We only require your YouTube Video URL and comments.

  • 50+ New YouTube comments , different IPs used
  • 5 days delivery time
  • No password / admin required
  • 24h/7 great communication service
  • Absolutely no risk of having your account banned
  • We use only white hat techniques approved by YouTube and real users will view your videos
  • We only need your YouTube Video URL and desired comments

Once you send us your Video URL and your comment we set up the campaign and within days you will get the first comments.

The comments must not be copied from other video, because YouTube may flag them as spam. Just write original comments yourself.

Buy YouTube Comments

Benefits of buying You Tube comments from us:

  • your video will look more attractive
  • your view drop rate after the first 15 seconds will dramatically decrease
  • you can engage other viewers in commenting your video

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