Price: $29.95

Buy Facebook Friends 200+: get more than 200 friends on your Facebook profile for only 29.95$!

So many people wonder: are you really selling friends?

And the answer is NO! We could never think friends can be bought. We are introducing you to people looking for the same thing as you: to be more connected, to get more connections.

Facebook is all about relationships. And that is precisely what we are offering: personal relationships to your Facebook account.

We connect you directly with people who are eager to be your friends.  You don’t have to worry that this people will reject you or that Facebook will be suspicious.  That’s because the referring to friends process is as natural as it gets.

Adding new friends on Facebook will significantly improve your personal branding and will determine a chain reaction. When someone become your friend updates will be shown to all of his friends and this will lead to an increasing interest for your profile.

Buy Facebook Friends product is for personal profile! Sure, you can also buy Facebook fans from us if you have a fanpage, not a personal profile

Buy Facebook Friends

Our Buy Facebook Friends package works like a charm. We don’t need your user and password. Just let us know  your profile URL:

  • 200+ Facebook friends
  • 15 days delivery (first results seen in 24 hrs)
  • No password / admin required
  • 24h/7 great communication service
  • We use only white hat techniques approved by Facebook
  • We only need your Facebook profile URL and your cooperation during the campaign

Once you send us your Facebook profile URL we set up the campaign and within hours you will gain new friend requests.

Please read carefully our recommendations about adding Facebook Friends safely.

Buy Facebook Friends

Benefits of buying Facebook Friend from us:

  • more visibility on Facebook
  • a social proof that your account and activity is interesting
  • a better chance for you to get your message across

These are the steps we will take you through upon ordering this service


Buying Facebook Friends – the process 

1. First, we will contact you by e-mail and congratulate you on your decision.

In the same e-mail we will mention one of our campaign managers on Facebook. This is usually Alex our community manager. We will ask you to add Alex as a friend on Facebook (and say you know him from outside Facebook). This is very important and it’s true. You know him by communicating with him by email.

2. Second, your campaign manager will approve your account and confirm he knows you.

3. Third, your campaign manager will start suggesting friends for you.

This will be a controlled process, so-called drip-fed, with several daily suggestions. The result is that you will be part of an interconnected network of people. This is very important because Facebook will perceive it as 100% natural.

It will look like you are connected with a new group of people that you didn’t join until now, i.e. like a football club, or like your new work colleagues etc.. This is because they are friends among themselves.

4. Especially in the first days of your new Facebook Friends campaign we recommend you should confirm all  the requests we are making.

This is because they are the most influential people in your new groups. Some of them work for us, as campaign managers and will refer you to other people in their group.

Q: Does this mean I don’t have control who to befriend or not?

A: Definitely not: you have full control who to become friends with and you can definitely choose not to add some or any of the friends we are suggesting. However, this is not the point of the campaign; the goal is to get you lots of new connections.

So why wait? We’re doing all the hard work for you. We’ll introduce you to lots of new friends once you hit the Order button!

Look forward to meeting you on Facebook.

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