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Make no mistake. It’s just a name-change: Followers are the new Subscribers on Facebook. In other words, what you used to know as Facebook Subscribers is now Facebook Followers. And yes! you can still buy this service from us. We’re introducing the 2200 Buy Facebook Followers service, to keep up with the new denomination in social-media-sphere.

Facebook introduced subscribers back in November 2011, and we enabled our buy Facebook subscribers service back in those days. We’re renaming it Buy Facebook Followers and it comes with the usual features you’re used with, when buying from our website. Facebook Followers is the new hub for following public figures. The name-change created some controversy, mainly because the term ‘followers’ is strongly connected with Twitter. You can check out our service Buy Twitter Followers 20000+.

Buy Facebook Followers 2200+ and get more than 2200 unique Facebook Followers to your personal account in less than 48 hours.
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This service will add 2200+ Facebook Followers to a Facebook Personal Account, so this is not Facebook Fans, Friends or Likes.

You can stop asking friends or other Facebook users to follow your account. You can also stop wasting time on Social Exchange services and sub4sub time consuming techniques. This is the product for you if you’re interesting in personal branding. You can now buy Facebook Followers with 100% guaranteed risk free for your account. Need more Followers on Facebook?

Buy Facebook Followers

Our Facebook Followers increase works like a charm. We only require your Facebook Profile URL.

  • 2200 New Facebook FOLLOWERS (Profile with Photo)
  • No password / admin required
  • 24h/7 great communication service
  • Absolutely no risk of having your account banned
  • We use only white hat techniques that are OK with Facebook
  • We only need your Facebook Profile URL


Buy Facebook Followers

Your will have more Followers and your account will win more influence in Social Media. This is what you get if you buy Facebook Followers from us:

  • more people will be connected to your updates
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  • 100% money back guaranteed if we do not get you all the followers

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 Buy Facebook Followers